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Enable Chrome's Battery and Memory Performance Settings

2022-12-10 Google Chrome
A recent addition to Google Chrome for macOS, Windows, and ChromeOS is the new ‘Peformance’ settings tab. Here you’ll find an an option for ‘Memory Saver’ which will free up memory from inactive tabs. There used to be a couple of different extensions to do this but they mostly seemed to go down the route of becoming dodgy and were removed from the Chrome store. Having something built in is much better! Continue reading

Apple Reseller Ads

In the past week while out and about in London I noticed something I can’t recall seeing before - ads for Apple Enterprise Resellers. And ads going hard on ‘buy Apple devices from us and we’ll manage them’. Each time I saw them were on transport. One really large one at Tottenham Court Road station, and a few on trains themselves - and all of them are for CDW. Continue reading

24 Years out of 39 - Happy Birthday Macintosh

0001-01-01 Apple History
Yesterday marked the 39th birthday of the original Macintosh, aka the 128k. It was announced by then (and later) CEO Steve Jobs at an Apple shareholders meeting in Cupertino, California. It would shake up the computing world and the Macintosh would go on to be a classroom staple, the de facto computer for design and print, a somewhat messy product lineup, then streamlined into a design icon. It now feels that the Mac has made major headway into enterprise and the workplace, in addition to picking up a lot of converts thanks to the iPhone and iPad. Continue reading