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Mac Admin Tools


I thought I’d do a little post linking to some of the tools I’ve found really helpful throughout the years in managing macOS devices. Enjoy!



This shell script was a game changer for me. It provides a programatic way to download a thrid party macOS app from the vendor’s website and install it on the device. The list of available apps has grown and the options for notifications just keep getting better. Certainly beats the hinky pop ups I was doing originally with jamfhelper :D



A pop up tool to ‘encourage’ people to install available macOS updates. You can really customise the look of and actions available in the pop up window, and how aggressive you want it to be as well. Configuration is done either via json or a macOS configuration profile.

Self Service Icon Maker


Does what it says on the tin - drop an application on this little utility’s window, and out comes a perfect PNG of the application icon.



Nice & easy (and Jamf Pro ready) way to randomise the password for local admin accounts on macOS devices.



Don’t be fooled by the name! This script can do many useful things around macOS installers. It has been my go-to way to provide user-initiated macOS upgrades for the last couple of releases.